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How Corporate Culture Can Prevent Fraud

Did you realize that companies that create a positive culture and ethical management style could prevent fraudulent activity? Fraud prevention is greatly reduced when upper management establishes a proper ethical code of conduct valuing integrity, encouraging open and honest communication. Surveys conducted to measure employee satisfaction show that those employees happy with company culture are less… Read More »

Local Woman Admits Stealing $2 million from Boss

A St. Louis woman pleaded guilty to a federal mail fraud charge Thursday and admitted stealing more than $2 million from her boss over a decade. How She Did it Elizabeth Earnest, 62, worked for the businessman, whose name was not disclosed, since 1997, managing his calendar and paying his personal bills with his checkbook.… Read More »

Why the Healthcare Industry Can not Afford Vendor Fraud

Between 1990 until a few years ago in 2011, the Justice Department reclaimed nearly $3 billion from prosecuting fraudulent activity in healthcare. Millions more was never recovered. Don’t think your practice could be a victim? Even with internal measures in place vendor fraud can still happen. Vendor fraud can take on many forms. Fictitious vendor… Read More »

Pre-Employment Assessments: Helping Companies to Screen Applicants

According to an article by Lisa Quast, a contributing writer for Forbes, pre-employment assessments can provide benefits beyond hiring qualified candidates. “I have found pre-employment tests to be beneficial in helping to screen and select the best candidates for jobs, but there are legal issues that can arise if the tests are not valid, reliable,… Read More »

Kickback Schemes are Devastating to a Non-Profit

Non-profits must follow strict measures to stay in compliance with non-profit status. Fraudulent schemes can hurt those efforts to maintain an ethical, well-respected non-profit. A kickback occurs when an organization overpays for goods and services, and a vendor gives part or all of that overpayment to the perpetrator. Unfortunately, it is often not difficult for… Read More »

How to Stop a “Non-Accomplice Vendor Scheme”

How easy is it to steal from your company? Savvy and dishonest employees may easily exploit internal weaknesses by running a “non-accomplice vendor scheme.” The vendor is not a part of the scheme, but the unscrupulous employee will mastermind a vendor scheme either as a pay-and-return scheme or by intentionally overbilling the vendor. In the… Read More »

How Much are You Paying the Ghost Employee on Your Payroll?

Ghost employees can siphon mandatory resources from otherwise productive businesses. Unfortunately, trusted employees using sophisticated payroll systems are the culprits of the most costly frauds. The ghost employee is an individual on the company payroll who does not work for the company. This “ghost” may be real (and may even work for another company) or… Read More »

Son Accused of Stealing $1 Million from Mother’s Brentwood Printing Company

A 31-year-old man is facing criminal charges after police say he forged at least 166 checks from his mother’s printing business totaling more than $1 million. St. Louis County prosecutors charged Michael Britt of the 1000 block of Adworth Drive on July 1 with 13 counts of forgery. Police say Britt’s mother is one of… Read More »