inventoryIs your employee turnover High? Do you have concerns with employee theft?

Most organizations’ personnel-selection strategies never seriously challenge job applicants at the point of hire to understand their likelihood to engage in counterproductive behavior that can result in theft, low productivity, higher turnover and workers comp claims.

The Personnel Selection Inventory (PSI) is a psychological assessment that measures an individual’s attitudes toward a variety of issues such as integrity, drug avoidance, non violence, tenure and risk avoidance, to name a few. The PSI is a research-based online screening that goes beyond the routine methods of interviews and background checks.  It’s a valid, fair and cost-effective means to reliably predict job-related behavior.

ARA offers five different versions of the PSI.  Each version measures specific scales. Click here to see which PSI version is right for you.

Benefits of the PSI include:

  • 35% reduction in employee theft
  • 18% reduction in employee turnover
  • 34% decrease in workers compensation claims
  • Improved employee productivity

Reports are easy to read and generally provide additional interview questions based on any negative responses from the candidate. View a sample report.

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