servicesARA Fraud & Forensic Services offers Investigative Due Diligence services that provide research, analysis and insight about potential employees, future business partners, new customers, potential investors and vendors.

As you grow and expand your company, you need to reduce your potential for liability and risk by knowing the backgrounds of people you want to hire or with whom you want to do business.

A due diligence investigation offers details on individuals and businesses. You are able to make educated business decisions about who you hire or which organizations you’ll do business with by knowing more information then what a credit report provides.

Due Diligence investigations can be done for the following reasons:

  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • New Clients, Investors or Business Partners
  • Board of Directors
  • Private Equity, Venture Capital & Other Investments
  • Political Exposed Persons
  • Civil Litigation

To request a due diligence investigation, please complete the Due Diligence Request and fax into us at 866-514-7661.

For more information, please contact us at 636-346-9273 or email us at