truthAre You Hiring an ETHICAL Employee?

You want to believe that people are inherently good. Unfortunately, there will always be employees who steal your merchandise, fudge their expense reports, and to do as little work as possible. There’s no point bemoaning this. But what you can do isprotect yourself: Recruit and select new employees carefully, using every tool possible to deter unethical and unproductive conduct.

Hiring the wrong employee doesn’t just cost hard dollars, they also do irreparable harm to a company’s reputation. When employee crime becomes news, potential customers will hear about it on the Internet.

Protect your companies reputation by only hiring the best employees. This means you’ll need to integrate ethics/honesty screening into every step of your hiring process. Background checks alone can be ineffective. A criminal records check will only capture 15-17% of the workforce that has actually been convicted of a crime. Many companies do not want the publicity of prosecuting an employee who embezzled from them, therefore they just terminate.  So how do you identify if the c

ARA offers two integrity based psychological assessments to help companies identify unwanted behaviors that a candidate may possess.  These negative behaviors can be costly to the organization.

Both assessments have been tested by the American Psychological Association and proven to be effective tools for hiring.

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