Is Your Employee Lapping The Receivables?

What is Lapping? Lapping is an asset misappropriations fraud scheme and is one of the most common methods of concealing receivables skimming. Lapping is the fraudster’s version of “robbing Peter to pay Paul”. It is the extraction of money from one account to cover shortages in another account. For example, customer A’s payment comes in and… Read More »

Son Accused of Stealing $1 Million from Mother’s Brentwood Printing Company

A 31-year-old man is facing criminal charges after police say he forged at least 166 checks from his mother’s printing business totaling more than $1 million. St. Louis County prosecutors charged Michael Britt of the 1000 block of Adworth Drive on July 1 with 13 counts of forgery. Police say Britt’s mother is one of… Read More »