Fraud Training in the Healthcare Industry

health-care-fraud_trainingThe healthcare industry, in its unique regulations, systems, procedures and records, is plagued by an estimated $80 billion a year in fraud (according to the FBI).

Healthcare fraud training will ensure your staff knows the warning signs and what action to take if fraud is suspected. It would be ideal to have all managers and staff prepared and able to spot unethical activities and the accompanying types of behavior.


Training will help your staff to have the guidance to recognize certain signs:

  • Behavior:  Behavioral changes like lack of interest in their work, unwillingness to go on vacation for fear of their scheme being discovered
  • Lifestyle Changes: Changes in lifestyle or expenses, financial difficulties, divorce or child support payments
  • Poor Work Performance:  Frequent unexplained absences or even changes in emotional attributes like being overly confrontational or overly obsessive about job responsibilities

These traits may all be the warnings that someone may steal or engage in fraudulent activity. Focusing on employee awareness can be crucial to upholding an ethical practice. Remember, almost all perpetrators of fraud are first time offenders. Connect with ARA to learn more about fraud training programs by calling 636-346-9273.