reidRiskAssesmentThe Reid Report® Risk Assessment evaluates attitudes and behaviors associated with high levels of ethics, responsibility, and productive work habits, enabling organizations to minimize risk and to select top quality talent across the business.



Using The Reid Report Risk Assessment Can Help You:

82% of employees are never punished or terminated for theft.

  • Confidently hire employees using responsible pre-employment testing, known for its strong predictive ability and compliance
  • Complement your background check process with an evidence-based approach
  • Strengthen your existing selection program by adding a valid risk management
  • Optimally manage human capital risks that lead to unethical and counterproductive behavior, negligent hiring claims, costly accidents, higher turnover, and poor service

Dimensions of Measurement

  • Business Ethics: attitudes toward upholding ethical business standards
    and practices 
  • Integrity Attitudes: levels of personal rationalization towards dishonest acts
    and tolerance of others who engage in dishonest acts
  • Social Behavior: admission items of recent counterproductive behaviors,
    including theft and workplace violence
  • Substance Use: admissions of recent illegal substance use including new
    drug classes
  • Work Background: collection of employment background and past workplace

Administration & Scoring

  • Web-based administration
  • 66-120 items (version dependent); approximately 15 minutes completion time
  • Assessment report with scoring and following interview questions provided with every test


  • Clients using The Reid Report Risk Assessment have experienced reductions in employee turnover, theft and accidents, and improvements in overall performance. 


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