trainingWords can be deceptive. ARA Fraud & Forensic Services, a leading business fraud prevention and detection firm based in St. Louis, Missouri, utilizes LSAT to detect deception in a person’s written words.

The Linguistic Statement Analysis Technique (LSAT) is an advanced investigative technique which is highly effective in detecting deception and lies in written statements from victims, suspects and witnesses in various types of investigations and legal depositions.

How LSAT Works:
People use the same subconscious strategies to deceive, by using different words and phrases, statement structure and content in their statements as truthful individuals use. Years of research by experts in the fields of language, psychology and deception detection have led to the identification of these trends in language that are referred to as linguistic signals. Utilizing LSAT, we can identify these linguistic signals that differentiate deceptive statements from truthful ones. It is equally effective when used on suspect, witness, and victim statements alike. Our linguistic analyst examines the subject’s statement to identify all of the existing linguistic signals. We then determine if the statement is truthful or deceptive, exactly what specific points of the statement are deceptive or truthful, and reveal much information that the subject didn’t intend to include. Look at an example:

“Before I left home, I said goodbye to her. After I said goodbye to her, I left the house to catch my flight.”

The sentences above are a small segment taken from a murder suspect’s written statement. They appear to be rather insignificant but believe it or not, this segment contains SIX signals that the writer is likely to have committed the murder! He even tells us when he committed it!

LSAT is a beneficial investigative tool which can be used in various situations including the following:

Litigation purposes – Attorneys have emerged as a tremendous benefactor of LSAT. By analyzing legal depositions for deception and truthfulness, attorneys become much more effective and efficient. Imagine taking a deposition and knowing immediately whether the deposed person is being truthful or not and being able to develop questions based on that information, leading to the truth and the success of your case.

Embezzlement and fraud cases – LSAT reveals the TRUTH behind every story. LSAT allows our investigators to examine the original words of a person’s spoken or written language and determine which parts of their story are true and which are deceptive. LSAT will identify hidden information deep within the person’s subconscious mind and sheds light on the story, revealing the true reality what happened.

Hiring new employees – The LSAT is utilized in a very unique way to reveal the level of truthfulness with potential employees by examining employment applications and language used in job interviews. LSAT can determine if an individual had past performance issues or was terminated from a previous employer.

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